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The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers

Origins of the Freak Brothers

Excerpt from Chapter Two: They were the notorious members of the Midwest’s only challenge to California’s skydiving dominance: the exuberant, outrageous outlaws known as “The James Gang.” And there at Hinckley the legend began, on a fine blue-sky afternoon, when “Pops” Connor offered to provide Carl and Roger, and their buddy Cicero with some tips…

Mr. Douglas at Skydive Sandwich

Chapter Five: Sugar Alpha, Summer 1982

This photo illustrates the following excerpt from Chapter Five: Sugar Alpha: “Tell him his next jump’s on me and I’ll—” Roger said, stopping short as he realized that the windsock had turned 180 degrees since they took off. Then he realized something else and turned toward the end of the runway to see Mr. Douglas…

Learning to Skydive

Chapter One: The Freak Brothers

I found myself going back and reading Sugar Alpha, as a reader this time and not a writer! I am so fond of my family’s history in skydiving that Chapter One made me well up all over again. I’ve heard that these historical chapters read slow to some readers, but to me, these are the…

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Sugar Alpha

My father, Roger Nelson was a character, but many will tell you he was a pioneer – and he was. He was natural-born-leader; one of those kind of people you’d only meet once in a life time. In 2003, he passed away in a skydiving accident. However, lucky for us, he left us pages and…